Privacy Policy

Adore The Holistic Venue is a FULLY PRIVATE FACILITY. We are by appointment only absolutely no walk ins at anytime.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime regardless of time or payment. We have the right to maintain our positive energy and protect the peace and safety of our staff and other guest. Refunds will not be issued for service refusal unless otherwise stated by an owner.

upon arrival you are required to maintain the privacy of other guests. It is prohibited to share or give other guest appointment information or report other guest sightings. 

*~STAY OUT OF OTHER PEOPLES BUSINESS*~(in our grannies voice)

We do not and will not disclose any client information or client service details or appointment requests.

Requesting an appointment with Adoré The Holistic Venue is understood as consent to service.

By booking an appointment it is understood as implied consent. 

You are expected to understand your service and research details before requesting the service.